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What is your Audition Goal?  

What do you hope to accomplish in this audition process? What do you hope to prove? The goal in your audition is divinely simple.

You need to demonstrate that you can:

Walk without falling, speak clearly and articulately; that this walking and talking can be accomplished simultaneously and without physical tension or emotional pretence; that these words and movements are reflections of true and honest thought;  that a very real and intensely urgent need generates actions to actively affect another person or another side of one’s self;  that you have enough self confidence, enough audacity to completely physically and emotionally commit to these actions;  to search, without thought to yourself into another person’s eyes for what their heart hides; to have your mind and body become a tensionless conduit through which the character’s words, thoughts, and actions can pass; to be completely unimpeded by your selfish emotional needs and idiosyncratic physical habits.

See?  Nothing to it!

More simply said: the actor seeks to truthfully communicate with his body, voice, mind, and heart.  This meticulously rehearsed communication happens within the high energy, relaxed, spontaneous, and dynamic special world of the play.  Although this definition certainly sounds easier, the complexity of audition task for the actor remains staggering.

Note carefully the key words.  These words apply to both the successful audition and  effective acting.


Serious actors recognize these words; serious actors spend their professional lifetime pursuing, redefining, rediscovering, and integrating these words into their art.  And while these words do not guarantee instant performance success, certainly our understanding these words, our practicing these words, and our striving to embody the performance values represented by these words will certainly increase our chances of presenting a successful audition and an effective characterization.